Saturday, 23 January 2010

Bidder's looking to Dominate the NABBA West Junior's this Year!

At just 17 years of age Jake Bidwell has been competing for a year already!
His first show was the Nabba England 2009 Juniors, where he placed an incredible Second! Following his success at that show, he continued on to the Nabba Allsports Novice Britain Finals Under 18, where Jake placed 1st!!!

Check out these shots taken of Jake on stage last year...

Jake is currently Training for the NABBA West Britain and from there he is aiming to compete in the NABBA England and hopefully place first to get an invite to the Universe and a Sponsorship from Mike and Julie at Trojan.

Trojan are always looking for New Athlete's they can advise and help, if you are interested in Sponsorship opportunities, please get in touch!

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