Monday, 18 January 2010

The Big Decision....

Much to my girlfriend's dismay, I have decided to compete this year!

After much deliberation and soul searching, bodybuilding is in my blood, it's my passion, it's what I do, it's who I am. There's no escaping it.

No other sport takes you on such a journey of self discovery, no other sport needs such self discipline and commitment, and no other sport gives you the gratification that winning a bodybuilding show does.

The weeks and weeks of dieting, eating nothing but dry chicken and rice for the most part, never missing a workout or a cardio session, obsessing about everything that has anything to do with what you want your end result to be, striving for perfection at any cost, giving your all, your blood sweat and tears, your emotions, your inner most being, to step on stage, and be a champion.

There are no team mates, no coaches, no physio's, no backroom staff, it's just you and your competition. All the weeks of training and dieting, come down to a few minutes, and in those few minutes, your destiny is defined. Could I have trained harder, dieted harder, done more cardio??? It's too late, at that moment, all you can do is present the physique you've spent the last 12 or so weeks creating, and hope that it's good enough.

Why do we do it?? A sport that takes so much out of you, that needs so much time and money, for so little in return... because we love it!

I remember the first bodybuilding video I saw, Shawn Ray's posing routine from the Mr Olympia 1994. It was the most inspirational piece of sporting footage I have ever seen. I was 16 years old, and from that moment, I knew I was destined to step on stage one day.

So here I am, after a few months of backing off the training, I'm starting to get into my stride, and come February, my journey begins.

Stay tuned for more updates

Taken from www.mycontestprep2010.blogspot.com

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