Monday, 25 January 2010

A Day with Trojan.....

Another busy day at the Trojan Lock up on Broomhill Road!!

Customer's never come in one's! It's normally none, or 20 at a time!

We had a variety of people from different sporting backgrounds at the lockup today, from a bodybuilder picking up his UBOS Meal Replacements as he starts his contest prep for a UKBFF Show, a Thai Kick Boxer who is looking to gain some lean muscle picked up his USN Pure Protein, and a couple of guys from a local Rugby Team popped in to get their Whey protein to help them supplement their weight training programme.

Have a look at these pictures from today, we managed to get Julie in one of them even though she was desperate to avoid the camera!!
Below is the Trojan Wall of Fame!! Here is where all the athlete's who have competed put their pictures!

Grab yourself some Trojan Apparell... T-Shirts, Vest's and Hoodie's are available.

Spoilt for choice there fella's. We stock everything and anything, from fat burners, mass gainers, whey proteins, meal replacements, testosterone boosters, creatine, glutamine, BCAA's from companies such as BSN, Muscletech, USN and many more, and not to mention Trojan's New line line of Supplementation!!

And there's Julie hard at work!!

Trojan are open 6 days a week, so drop in and see us!

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