Monday, 8 March 2010


Gina managed to catch up this week with Dave Guest NABBA Mr England 2009 and Dan Barry NABBA Junior Champion 2009.

They are both now deep in to their training and diet programme for this year's challenges starting with the NABBA Britain Finals on May 29th at the Floral Hall in Southport.

These guys always train together, and really do get on well, managing to have a good time while training, edging each other on with a bit of panter, teasing each other in to thinking the other one is the better of the two, which only ends up bringing the best out of their training sessions together.

Today they were doing their 2nd leg session of the week, their warm up would have killed off most but they certainly were on a mission. Walking lunges with the olympic bar and 25kg each end, down and back again for 4 sets.........if I had done that 1) I would had to lay down and 2) probably not walk again for at least 2 weeks!!!!

They went on to do leg extensions followed by single leg extensions, leg curls followed by standing single leg curls on the leg extensions.

If you haven't ever
tried these they are brilliant as they hit your hamstrings slightly higher than the seated ones, hitting the lower glutes too.

Calves to finish, and I must say Dan Barry has the most outrageous calves I have ever seen for a lad of his age (20 years).

Dave needed some extra weight for his seated calve raises, so Dan was there to help out by standing ontop of the plates to give Dave that extra bit of a workout. Of course Dan being the competitor he is and not wanting to be out done had to have a go too. To finish the session a few shrugs just to get those traps looking good.

I managed to chat with the guys in between their growling workout to find out what their training schedule is like through out the week. The guys train every day except Sunday and although they train together it does differ slightly. Dan has started his cardio already where as Dave leaves it until he feels he needs to really start tightening things up which is normally around 8 weeks out of competition.

Dan at he moment does 45 minutes cardio in the mornings and 30 minutes late afternoon, Mondays, Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays, but Dave really wants to hold on to some size so won't be starting his just yet.

Mondays; Shoulders and Abs
Tuesdays; Quads, Calves and Abs
Wednesdays; Chest, Triceps and Abs
Thursdays; Abs and Traps
Fridays; Back, Biceps and Abs
Saturdays; Legs, Calves and Traps
Sundays; YIPPEE!! Rest Day

Daves Diet, Dave has a cheat meal Wednesday evening and Saturday mornings Fry up;
9am 100g porridge followed by 10 egg whites (2 yolks)
11am 200g chicken, large spoon of rice and broccoli,
1pm same as 11am
3pm same as 11am
4pmish Pure protein with BCAA before workout and again after, which is supplied by Trojan Nutrition.
7pm 200g chicken, rice and broccoli
9pm 200g chicken, rice and broccoli
11pm 10 egg whites with 2 yolks

Dan's Diet, one cheat meal a week on a Saturday evening;
7.30am 50g porridge with water followed by 8 egg whites 1 yolks
9.30am 200g chicken, handful of basmati rice and broccoli
12pm samw as 9.30
2pm 200g white fish with broccoli or celery
4pmish Pure protein with BCAA before and after his workout with L-glutamine (again from Trojan)
7pm 200g white fish and broccoli
9pm 8 egg whites no yolks
11pm before bed protein shake

Both Dave and Dan are happy with every thing as it is right now baring in mind there are 12 weeks until the NABBA Britain Finals. Dave Guest will be at the NABBA West and Wales shows as Guest Poser, really looking forward to seeing him there. Dan is working his little cotton socks off as he wants the Junior title again, and both guys want to improve on there achievements from last year, as I am sure they will.

I will there judging NABBA West and Wales and hoping in some way this year to be at the Britain Finals if not judging helping out backstage. Therefore I can keep you all up dated with the boys progress.

Again one massive thank you to Trojan from Dan, Dave and myself for all your support and help.

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