Sunday, 28 March 2010


I met up today with Laura Butler and Dave Guest both supported atheletes of Trojan Nutrition

It was to see how they were looking and getting on with their preparation for their next competitions....Laura competing in a month at the NABBA West Britain in Miss Toned, and Dave Guest although appearing at the West doing a guest spot, to see how he is squaring up for the NABBA Britain Finals in 9 weeks time.

Firstly I trained with Laura, we haven't had a training session in a while and I must say I was really pleased with her progress. It was back and shoulders today and I was on a mission, that mission was to make Laura work her ass off and go away burned out........"mission accomplished".

Her strength has improved tenfold I know that Laura always trains hard but it is different when you have some one there pushing and spotting you to go that little bit further and heavier.

We started with wide pulldowns in front then on to close grip bar for narrow pulldowns. Next we hit the barbell for bent over row, standing up straight in between the rowing movement finishing with D/B single arm row. With the D/B single arm row we did it with no rest, so doing 15 reps each side, straight into 12 reps each side then 10 then 8. This is good to finish the workout aiming to get a real burn and fatigue the muscles.

Fatigue setting in it was onto shoulders, we started with B/B clean and press from the waist, on the press going behind the head, then infront before going back to being position arms down. After those side lateral raise machine, then shoulder press machine finishing with front lateral raise both hands holding a single D/B making a close grip rather than a D/B in each hand. Then as I was checking Laura out and we had just worked the upper I thought I had better get her on the treadmill to get the legs and glutes worked, so had Laura walking at 6.5 incline 10 for 15 mins then working back down to the flat for the last few minutes.

I must say I last saw Laura about 3 weeks ago in the evening and she did look quite flat, but that isn't a good time to check some one out physically, she had worked, trained had a personal training client and was tired, therefore her body reflected that. Today a completely different story, sharp, toned and quite dry. All good.....her arms back and chest were really sharp, as with the Toned we are not looking for muscle mass or being vascular, Lauras legs really looking good with 4 weeks to go. The only thing we have to work on is sharpening up the mid section, a bit of water but aiming to get them leaner and just a bit more through mid delts.


Dave was next, he had just finished training abs I think, stripped off for me (oh I love my job!!!). After seeing him last year in the NABBA Britain's and Universe respectfully getting a 2nd and 3rd placing I knew where there was room for improvement. In the Universe the guys who came 1st and 2nd it was all down to the legs. Dave has awesome legs lets face it with the power lifting back ground the size and thickness in the legs are there but it was just a matter of fine tuning, getting a bit more cut through the very top of the quads and today I saw it. The 2 guys that placed infront of Dave at the Uni their legs were bang on, in your face ripped and they seemed not to have to think about tensing them......Dave does have to be reminded but he is getting there. Second place for Dave to tackle is his lower back as an extension of his lats.......if you know what I mean?! If you look at people like Jason Corrick who have got freakish lats, his lats extend down to his ass!!! We won't be able to get lats like that for Dave he isn't genetically built that way, but we have a plan of action which Dave will hit this week.


All in all I am very excited for the West Britain's this year, we have some new faces on the block and all looking good............RICH RUBINO YOU BETTER BE THERE?

Take care all and will be letting you all know any news when I get it.

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