Sunday, 21 March 2010


Yesterday was another busy day at the lock up in Brislington for Trojan, after a week of work, people were flooding down all day to pick up their training supplements - protein's, weight gainers, fat loss agents, meal replacements, the list goes on and on. I arrived at 1pm, just in time to bump into Gina Ford (former Ms NABBA Britain) and her other half Chris, they were picking up their CNP Protein, as well as offering to meet up with 2009 NABBA Mr England Dave Guest to assess his physique 10 weeks out from this years NABBA Britain, and offer guidance. Gina is now a NABBA judge so she knows what she is looking for!!

Jo sperring was also there, along with Dan Barry, Ms NABBA Britain 2009 & Mr Junior Britain respectively, they were keen to talk to customers and offer advice on anything from training to diet and nutrition. They are deep into their contest prep for this year, so they came armed with food for the day, although Dan was looking a little tired, and we had to wake him up once or twice! Only 10 weeks left Dan!

Have a look at these pictures and video's from the day...

Mike gives out some valuable advice some new customers..

Pictured below, Dean, Mike Croot and Mike Rubino.

Dave Guest stops for a quick coffee.

Dan & Jo Discuss Leg training and Sumo Squats!!

Another satisfied customer, picking up his Trojan Pure Whey Protein.

Mike helps load Dean's car up with Trojan Nutrition's own Whey Protein.

Can't you manage 1 more Dean??

Mike was seeing how many tubs of Trojan Whey Dean could handle at once....

One more mate??? Yea balance it on top!

A huge range of supplements can be found at the lock up..

Muscletech, USN, Gaspari, BSN, Maximuscle, Peak Body, Sci Mentor.... the list is endless, although more of Trojan's own branded Whey Proteinm, Mass Gainer, Creatine & Glutamine were flying out thr door than anything else!

Someone picking up their PHD Supplements, and a hand full of Protein bars!!

Jake Bidwell also turned up to pick up his supplements as he gets ready for the NABBA West Britain in 5 weeks time.

Robbie Rodriguez chats to Dave Guest about his up and coming contest prep. Robbie is currently getting ready for the NABBA West.

Someone else grabs the camera and takes a shot of Mike Rubino & Dan Barry.

Dan Barry is busy on the phone securing an important business deal.

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