Sunday, 18 April 2010


This week, Gina Ford caught up with NABBA Mr England 2009 Dave Guest, and was kind enough to share the details with us here at Trojan!!!

"Well I met up with Dave Guest today, unfortunately Laura Butler was unable to make it so I won't be seeing her now until the show at Exeter next Sunday when I am judging. Next Sunday.........blimey I can't believe it's here already and it really does feel odd that I am not getting ready for it myself, I miss the stress of it all, tanning, final count down of training days, depleting..........do I really miss that?!?!?!?

Any way back to Dave Guest, at our last met and my last article I said that Dave had some home work to do. Nothing major just fine tuning and 3 weeks later that fine tuning has turbo-charged his physique.

Considering he has another 6 weeks until the Britain Finals I was pleasantly surprised with the change, the extension of his lats as I spoke about last time has improved, even down into his lower back muscles we are seeing definition/separation that hasn't been there before.

We were looking at improvement at the top of the front thigh, again a great change. The sartorious of the front thigh has started to separate from the main quadriceps. As for the hamstrings as we all know these are comprised of three separate muscles the bicep femoris, semitendinosus and the semimembrnosus, all these were prominent today. The serratus anterior muscles, oblique's, abs all sharp, but with Dave these always are, so all-in-all good stuff.

Put the tan on pumped up, boy oh boy looking good.

I must admit judging is a hard game, you have to remember that on stage at the West Britain's there are going to be at least 4-5 guys that I know and have at point given help and advise to. I do take pride in the fact that I will judge those people as I see it on the day, whether I know them or not, those I feel worthy of placing I will place accordingly.

Remember I am only 1 judge of 5, we don't always see eye to eye and do look for slightly different things. That's why some times when I have been competing or just watching a show, they call out the top 3 it can be totally different to how you have seen and judged it. (pictured - Dave winning the NABBA England in 2009)

I think the women's is probably the hardest to judge, even the judges get confused. I have been to competitions where other male judges have had to ask my advise. If you read the rule book for something like the NABBA Toned class, then the girls get on stage and are then asked to display a pose that they haven't practiced it just throws them and adds confusion.

Maybe back stage there should be posters of the poses the girls can practice before going on stage so that they are prepared, and maybe a guideline written out for the judges to read on the day so that we are all on the same page!! I also think NABBA shouldn't have taken away the women's physique class. The Physique class now only runs at the England to qualify for the Universe, and I believe that the Figure class girls are becoming more like the light weight physiques.

When I first started competing 12 years ago the Figure was more or less like the Toned is now, taking away the Physique I personally feel was the wrong move, but hey, who I am, that's just my opinion on the matter, but speaking to a lot of female competitors they really don't know what they should be training towards, they look at the rules and descriptions then get to the shows and get judged totally differently!!!"


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