Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Yesterday I was at the Corn Exchange in Exeter for this year's NABBA West Britain qualifier for the Britain Finals held in Southport on May 29th.

This weekend I was judging, and there was fantastic turn out of spectators and competitors. We did have a few competitors just turning up on the day wanting to take part. Okay, we would never turn people away who want to participate but it's unfair to the organisers. I really do think the competitors don't realise what is actually involved in putting one of these shows together, even if it meant a call to the representative the night before the show, plus not changing their mind when they get there to what category they want to do. However, well done Tony Turner the regional representative for another great show.

The show kicked off with the 1st Timers, 15 competitors all in all.
Unfortunately I don't have the editorial space to go through everyone but personally I would like to say this is probably the highest standard I have seen at a qualifier for many years, well done guys. 3rd place went to Keith Delazzari from Bristol good size and symmetry, just needed a little more condition, 2nd place to Shaun Ashmead again from Bristol, there is potential there and fantastic upper body but for me just lacked the size through the legs. 1st place Martin Ellis Bristol, okay he may not have been the biggest guy on stage, but you just couldn't fault the condition and overall shape, to me picture perfect.

In the Junior Class 3rd place went to Arthur Griffiths from Cornwall, 2nd Jake Wilding from Bristol and Neil Currey Bristol taking a well deserved 1st place. These guys were all of good condition, symmetry and size, it was a close call but Neil tipping the scales with muscle density.

Next came the Novice Joe Cramond from Exeter taking well deserved 3rd, Karl Kingdom from Plymouth taking 2nd and Jason Layton taking 1st. If I am honest I did put Karl 1st as I felt he was more compact, but not taking any credit away from the winner Jason Layton who had density of muscle and size.

Master's O/40 3rd Andy Dykes Bristol, 2nd Steven Miller Bristol and 1st Robert Nation Bristol. These 3 guys were very similar in structure but I think what pipped it to the post for Robert was condition, and probably very close between 2nd and 3rd, Steven Miller just having more muscle size.

Master's O/50 and what a pleasure it was seeing Viv Laity from Cornwall 73 years of age an inspiration to us all, well done to your 2nd place and 1st Eric Hartley from Bristol. It has been a while since Eric has graced our stage and it was an honour to be there and see him back and doing what he does so well, great presence and well executed routine.

Onto the Mr Classes, starting with Class 4, 3rd Roberto Rodriques from Bristol, 2nd James Rich Bristol and 1st Paul Scarborough Exeter. There was no comparison really as Paul Scarborough definitely out classed the others for muscle mass, good symmetry although maybe not to the condition we have seen him before but still good quality.

Mr Class 3, 2nd Adie Butcher from Bristol and 1st Paul Power of Plymouth, although only 2 competitors for this class they were two fantastic physiques.

Mr Class 2, 3rd Andrew Davies from Chippenham, 2nd Josi Kondri from Plymouth and 1st Martin Ellis from Bristol doing his 2nd class of the evening. Basically a repeat of what happened in Martin's first class of the evening, although not the biggest kid on the block his condition and skin tone took him in to a well deserved 1st place.

Finally Mr Class 1..4th Daniel McNab from Bristol, 3rd Adrian Sutcliffe Cornwall, 2nd Keith Delazzari (his 2nd class of the evening) and 1st to Paul Kisel. Paul Kisel at the judging didn't really have enough tan on, even so his physique really stood out, it was like watching one of the classics back in the day, with a classic routine to match.

To finish on to the ladies!!! Two classes starting with the Ms Toned Figure, 4 lovely competitors in 4th place Laura Butler from Bristol, a shame her condition just wasn't up to it on the day, as she has potential to be really good..nice symmetry and a really good routine. 3rd Kirsty Freeburn a little more confidence needed on stage but another good figure, 2nd Emma Martez-Lamkowski Bristol, lovely slight but well toned physique leaving a 1st place to last years winner Gemma Marks. Gemma again presented good condition and skin tone with a lovely mid section well toned upper body, so much so earning her Best Presentation of the evening.

Just leaving the Miss Figure, none of the usual suspects on stage even so the winner Francesca Steele from Plymouth had a fantastic physique I see her doing really well at this years Britain Finals and 2nd going to Julia Hubbard also from Plymouth with another pleasing shape.

Overall = Martin Ellis Mr Class 2

Guest Poser was David Guest last years Class 2 and overall winner also supported by Trojan. Getting the crowd involved with his well presented routine, with 5 weeks to go although just slightly off condition (obviously) still looking superb. I think we will see Dave at his best this year and looking forward to seeing him at the Finals in Southport giving the others a run for their money.

Trojan competitors were there in abundance, if I have missed you off the list I do apologise, but well done to you all, even if you didn't make the top 3 you all did yourself proud:

Daniel McNab
Martin Ellis (Man of the Night)
Shaun Ashmead
James Rich
Neil Currey
Jake Bidwell
Ben Bidwell
Roberto Rodriques
Adie Butcher
Laura Butler
and of course Me, xx

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