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I had the opportunity to chat to two guys that have done extremely well again this year in their quest for the NABBA Universe titles of Mr Class 2 and Juniors in Southport sometime in October. Finally the West have two guys to be proud of in the Bodybuilding World, and I managed to catch up with Dave and Dan while at a photo shoot for promotional posters and advertisements for their sponsor Trojan Fitness (based in Bristol - photographs by my partner Chris Small).

Dave Guest won Class 2 at this year's NABBA Britain Final, taking the Overall title to become MR BRITAIN 2010. A shame that through injury Dave Titterton was unable to compete this year. If he had been there I truley think it would have been a spectacular show down of physiques, I will still stick to my boy Dave taking the title though!!

Dan Barry came back this year looking his best ever to retain his NABBA Junior title and then 3 weeks later going to Malta for the NABBA Worlds taking the Junior title there as well. I am so chuffed for Dan as he did have a disappointing Universe 2009 (he will admit to it himself), but he has come back this year with even more determination.

At the time of this interview Dave and Dan have approximately 14 weeks before the Universe so my first question was "what have you guys been up to in the time you have taken off between preparation for the shows?"
Dave - I had a couple of weeks off training after the Britains and enjoyed some nice food all though I couldn't over indulge as I had a guest spot in Gosport on 3rd July and needed to look half tidy! But after that enjoyed chocolate, especially those peanut M&M's, roast dinners, desserts, take aways, alcohol.......need I go on!? I had a good rest in Turkey for a week, but back to the gym now BIG TIME!!!
Dan - I took a week off after the Worlds chilling and taking my girlfriend out to places we wouldn't have been able to enjoy while I was dieting. It has been great to eat forbidden foods like Nandos, Ben & Jerrys (I can relate to that one Dan one of my favourites out of comp) all the usual stuff.

Guys do you think your preparation for the Universe will change much from the Britains/Worlds?
Both Dan & Dave agree that they were happy with everything and basically "if it ain't broke don't try and fix it" "yeh hopefully get the same physical results for the Universe" says Dave.

As this will be Dan's last year competing in the Junior class I asked him what his plans are for the future regards competing? "well I'm not really sure, I have to get the Universe out of the way first and if all goes well I may do a show or two next year, or take a year off who knows!

Dave agrees with Dan "it depends on how it goes at this years Universe. If it goes well I may feel that I have achieved all I can in my world of Bodybuilding and take at least a year away from it all. After all I did start Bodybuilding with the intention of only doing one competition, but that's not happened!

I did ask Dave as this will be Dan's last year in the Juniors what did he feel Dan needs to do become one of the leading big guys? "Dan's already had a fantastic year and proved himself. He wants to go all the way in bodybuilding and I hope he does. If he keeps doing what he's doing I am sure he will achieve his goals (but he'll never beat me, lol!!!! I would have retired by the time he's ready for Class 2).

I know that you guys train together, do you ever get on each other's nerves? (be honest) Will this continue leading up to the Universe and although good mates will you feel that nearer the time you will need your own space? They both agree "training together does keep us motivated and works well most of the time. However when you are both dieting for the same show, tempers can run high and we can both be like bears with a sore head. We try not to take it out on each other and our preparation does differ so nearer the time it works out better to have our own space, focus on our training go home and have a good sleep.

As far as NABBA goes how do you guys feel it compares to other associations? Dave is quick to compliment NABBA "I feel it rides as high as any other, NABBA seem to be looking more for condition", Dan agrees "NABBA competitors are one of the highest and hardest standard of amateur Bodybuilders. I'm with Dave condition plays a big role for NABBA however size is a factor too and if you have both....SORTED!.

FINALLY, as a good friend of you both, I see a great future for you in the sport of Bodybuilding. Yes I do class people like us as atheletes, do you ever get frustrated when people who don't know or understand the sport make stupid assumptions about Bodybuilding/Bodybuilders? Have you ever encountered stupid comments and if so how do you react?
Dan - People don't realise the amount of work and dedication that goes in to doing this. They just seem to think you get on stage and it's done, but there's so much more to it. The food every 2 hours the amount of time spent in the gym. I have had some nasty comments in the past but the best thing to do is shrug it off. At the end of the day it's what I love doing and jealousy gets the better of people.
Dave - Personally my experiences of Bodybuilding have always been positive on a face to face basis. Yes some people do seem to have a little too much to say, but in my opinion it just comes down to them being jealous. After all, would they live as we do for 12 weeks before a show?

Thanks boys it has been a pleasure spending time with you both and I look forward to the Universe. Although I will be in Vegas getting married (sorry lads got to get my priorities right) I am sure you will keep me posted by text messages, and I am sure once again you will do us proud.
This article was written by Gina Ford (pictured right at 2009 Universe)

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