Saturday, 23 January 2010

Bristol Personal Trainer Aiming for the Stars this Year!

Local Bristol Personal Trainer Rob Jones has his sights set on making a real impact this year in the UKBFF London & South East Show on May 16th.

Rob placed 2nd in the UKBFF South Coast Show last year behind the eventual overall winner Judah Jackson, but pushed him all the way to the pose down!

Rob hits a most muscular, which was unlucky for the guy stood next to him! (above)

Symetry round, Rob takes centre with Judah Jackson (right) and Periklis Theodoridis (left).

The ab's and thigh shot is one of Rob's strongest, which is clear to see here!

Rob takes 2nd, and is clearly dissapointed, but is vowing to be back this year bigger and better than ever!

Trojan have been working with Rob for some time now, and they will work together to get Rob Prepped for the London & South East show just around the corner.

Rob begins dieting in February, and he will be pulling out all of the stops to come away with the win and a qualification to the UKBFF Britain Finals in October.

Last year's Overall winner at the UKBBF Finals was Zach Khan, after years of coming in too heavy with poor conditioning, he finally turned up 20 pounds lighter, ripped, took the title, and follwed James Llewellyn's footsteps by getting his IFBB Pro Card!

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