Saturday, 23 January 2010

Rubino Brother's target 2010 for big things!

Brother's Mike & Rich Rubino are competing this year together for the first time, but not at the same show unfortunately!! It's undecided as to which brother is the most fortunate not to be facing the other one!! But if they were in the same show, there's a good chance they would be stood side by side competing for the Overall!!

Younger brother Rich (pictured left) who has just turned 23 will be competing in his first show at the NABBA West. He has been training since he was 17, and is finally going to make it on stage this year, the long awaited debut is nearing!! Rich is hoping to follow in his brother's footsteps and take the First Timer Title home with him, but Rich will also be entering the Class 4, so a first place in both catagories would be some achievement!

Rich is logging his progress with his own Blog...www.richscontestdiary.blogspot.com
where he will be posting pictures and video's on a weekly basis so have a look.

Older brother Mike (pictured left bottom) made his debut in 2008 by wining the NABBA West Britain First Timer catagory in fine style. He qualified for the Britain Finals but decided not to compete due to other commitments. Many friends, family and especially Trojan were dissapointed not see Mike on stage at the Britain in 2008, as the word was that a top 2 placing was his for the taking!

Mike took the 2009 season off due to becoming a Dad, but is keen to step on stage again this year at the UKBFF London & South East Show in May. He used the year off to prep local lad Dan Hall to a 3rd Place in the NABBA 2009 First Timers and a 2nd place in the Class 2. If you want prepping for any show in 2010, contact Mike at mikerubino@redkskinsrule.com.

Both Mike & Rich have been using Trojan's products for quite some time now,
Mike said, "I met Mike from Trojan back in 2005, and since then he has hepled and advised me on numerous things, including my contest prep for the NABBA West 2008. I definately couldn't have done it without Trojan, and I'm looking forward to representing them in the UKBFF this year."

Mike & Rich also regulary use TROJAN WHEY PROTEIN, CREATINE & GLUTAMINE, and will continue to use them during their contest prep for this year.

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