Monday, 18 January 2010

Pre-Contest Diet Plan

If you're thinkning of doing your first show, you may already have been dieting for a week or two... or you are about to start.

Here's an example you may want to take a look at;

Meal 1: 60-100g Oats - 10 Eggs whites - 1 Sci Mentor Simplex sachet

Meal 2: 1 1 Si Mentor Simplex Sachet 8 oz. chicken breast 1 cup basmati rice

Meal 3: 12 oz. turkey breast Large salad 1 large sweet potato

Meal 4: 1 Sci Mentor Simplex Sachet 1 cup basmati rice

Meal 5: 8 oz. chicken breast a large potato Steamed vegetables

Meal 6: 15 egg white omlette.

Meal 7: 2 scoops whey protein

(Sci Mentor Sachets avaialble from Trojan)

If you find you are ever ahead of schedule with your dieting, you should add more complex carbs in the first three meals. If that doesn't do the job, decrease your cardio by ten to fifteen minutes. If its the other way around, then increase your cardio first. If this doesn't get you back on track, decrease your carbs.

As for sodium loading/depleting or carbohydrate loading/depleting - Both methods work. Try sodium loading on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for a Sunday afternoon pre-judging. Then cut your sodium to around 400 mg for Friday and Saturday. Sunday afternoon eat some sodium to keep your electrolyte balance, but don't drink any water

Carb deplete on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday taking in 100-125 g. per day. On Friday eat 500g, Saturday eat 400g and then drop to 250g on Sunday. You should find that using these two methods together allow you to stay full and dry at the same time. Unfortunately you have to try all scenarios to know how your body will react. Everyone's different, so trial and error is going to be your best method for most things.

More sample Diet to come.

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