Tuesday, 19 January 2010


TN - What are your dreams and ambitions in the sport?
GL - I live, breath and sleep bodybuilding! my dream goal would be the olympia stage!! no matter how much pain , sacrifices or hard work it would take, I would like to be the first welsh mr olympia!!

TN - What was your first show, and how soon was it after you first began bodybuilding?
GL - Within 4 months of picking up a dumbbell I went on to win the UKBFF Welsh Junior Championship in 2007 (a proud moment!), and a month later I placed 2nd in the British Junior final weighing in at 14st 7 lb at age 19.
I was very fortunate to be spotted and offered a sponsorship from Trojan Supplements of Bristol, with a great owner and mentor plus fellow bodybuilder Mike Croot.

TN - How did trojan help you?
GL - Over the next year, with their support, I went on to put on 21 pounds of pure muscle with the help of supplements provided by Trojan of which included Vitargo, whey protein , creatine and liquid fury (pre workout pump drink). Trojan have also gone onto produce their own specially formulated supplements including creatine, glutamine, whey protein and weight gainer - there designed for optimum results and the protein tastes amazing!! which is great for a dieting bodybuilder!! I swear by them!

TN - What other titles have you won?
GL - In 2008 I Won the Welsh Junior Title for the second time, a proud moment again! and placed an unlucky 3rd at the Britain due to over carbing the night before and spilling on the day, but i learn from every experience and my motto is 'bigger,better,faster stronger!!
I weighed 16 st 2 at the 2008 Welsh Qualifier and 16 stone 4 weeks later at the British Final, not bad for a 21 yr old !

TN - What are your plans for this year?
GL - My plans for this year is to qualify for the UKBFF Britain in Oct with an early qualification in the over 90k intermediate class, looking to weigh around 17 stone, but I'll do whatever it takes to win!

As the dedicated face of Trojan Wales and part of an amazing team, I am enthusiastically promoting bodybuilding to my fellow Welsh!!
Look out for me at this years competitions!!

Trojan will be supporting Geraint throughout is preparation this year, and are looking forward to seeing him on stage soon.

Geraint will also be updating us with his progress over the coming weeks so FOLLOW TROJAN NUTRITION and sign up to get automatic updates.


  1. Great interview, looking forward to seeing his progress pics!

  2. What happened to Geraint's progress ?? This was January and there's nothing on the site that I can find more recent ??