Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Trojan's Past Honours....

Trojan Nutrition and Storage King proudly supported some local Bristol lads and ladies that took part in the NABBA Mr West Britain competition that took place at the Corn Exchange, Exeter on 26 April 2009 last year.

Over the past 2-3 years body building has become extremely popular. Many boys were competing for the first time including Dan Barry, Steve Cole and Dan Hall.

Previous winners from Bristol are Mike Croot – Mr Novice West Britain 2007. Mike Rubino – Mr 1st Timer West Britain 2008. Brad Burrows – Mr West Britain 2008 and Stuart Caswell (retired) Mr South East/ London Champs 2008. All these lads have been helped by Trojan Fitness Products and get regular advice on nutrition products from owner Mike who has himself competed in the past.

Trojan sponsor several local bodybuilders, many of whom have gone on to become personal trainers, helping to create future champions.

This year we are planning to hold a show in Bristol, in June. The last show held in Bristol was many years ago, we are looking to encourage as many new entries as possible and will be working with local gyms to generate interest.

If you are interested in taking part in the Bristol competition come and talk to us, we are always interested in helping new bodybuilders.

We would like to thank Josè and his team at Storage King for all their help and support throughout the year.

Is is always a Joint effort from the Trojan team.

Trojan Fitness are pleased to sponsor 3 of Bristol’s finest in the body building industry. Ms. Jo Sperring – has won the Miss West Britain in 2009, entered into Miss World and came 5th this year. “She is a delight to work with and works very hard at her career.” Commented Mike at Trojan.

Jo would like to thank the following people who have helped her achieve her goals and ambitions to date: Steve Reeves, Sally Jefferies, Lorna Durrand, Taff, training partner Andy Payne and partner Bryan.

Dan Barry – Has won Mr. Junior West Britain 2009 and Mr. Junior Britain 2009 and came 3rd in Mr. World 2009. “For a first timer entering the competition he has done all of us proud” said Mike of Trojan. Dan would like to thank Dave Guest training partner, Steve Reeves and Gina Forde.

Dave Guest – Has won Mr. West Britain 2009 overall, Pro-Am 2009 4th, Mr. Britain 2009 2nd. “This man is a credit to our profession” said Mike at Trojan. People Dave would like to thank are: Dan Barry training partner, Steve Reeves (rice balls never fail!), Gina Forde.

Complete Athlete Profile's COMING SOON!....

Trojan are pleased to help and give free advice with all their fitness supplements.

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